Thursday, December 29, 2005

Fondue is Fun

For a fun dining experience and and some good food try the "Melting Pot" in Sarasota, Florida. Our Swiss family member approved of the cheese fondue and he is really picky when it comes to the authenticity of his native foods. I was expecting the food to fry in oil, but instead a choice of broths were blended at the table for cooking. The meal began with two different cheese fondues, crusty breads and vegetables. The main course was a choice between meats, seafood, or vegetables, each to be cooked in the appropriate broth. Various dipping sauces came with each entree. For dessert fruits and brownies were dipped in a bubbling mixture of white and milk chocolate, or a dark chocolate fondue. A decent choice of wine and beers were available. Our waitress was new but well trained and versed in what she was serving. The best part is the "slow food experience" with plenty of conversation. This meal can take two hours plus so go to McDonald's if you are in a hurry.
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    Harsha said...

    Looks like it is fun..need to try once..