Sunday, April 15, 2007

Chicago “Anthropomo”

At the Hot Doug‘s website I see
DUCK FAT FRIES ..... $3.50 (Friday & Saturday only). Chris ate them and said they were amazing. Down with medical science, up with duck fat.

See more visual representations of the shapeless gyro form than you though imaginable at the Gyros Project website.

Thanks to Chris and Joe we now have anthropomorphic signs from Chicago. Thank you!

Why Octodog?

Anna from Chile emailed us a link to the “Octodog” Frankfurter Converter site. Visit their site and ponder the very good question “why Octodog?”. Thank you again Anna. The device slips over the hot dog to create the blank expressioned “Octodog“ below. It might be good for a party. I'm not sure. Serve in a pool of ketchup?