Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Corn Flour Man

The Bravo Market, where I found this bag, is popular with the local Latin community in our area. It is encouraging to find a range of products that the mainstream stores do not carry.

French Culinaire

The banner translates from Dutch to “The Tastemakers of The Netherlands” On the lemon is the phrase “Vox Populi” which translates into, the opinions or beliefs of the majority. This was sent to us from Holland by my cousin Carolien. The original is printed on newsprint. What makes this special are the faces, which are superimposed photographic images.

Apple Heads

This is a reproduction postcard that I found at the Maleprop’s bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina.

Sweet Babies

These images came from a case of sweet potatoes the produce manager was unpacking at our local Publix. I stole the box. Notice the basket is a rocker for the sweet babies.