Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flour Sack Apron

If you are a serious home bread baker, I heartily suggest that you visit “Heartland Mill” for some quality baking ingredients. I have had wonderful results with all the varieties of flours they offer from finely milled durum wheat to whole rye, and a product they call “golden buffalo” bread flour. All these are organic certified flours.

Heartland Mill ships their flour in traditional muslin flour sacks. On the back of the bag they suggest to reuse the bags for something else. I literally took them to heart and saved all my bags with the idea of doing a crazy shirt. But, as it ended up, we were a few bags short of a shirt. All bakers need aprons, and with the aide of my multi-talented mother, we came up with a dandy of an apron design. “Now a days” this is called repurposing, in my mother's era, it was a necessity.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Beef Villa

I think hot dogs make some of the best character translations. Villas sound like nice places to stay while on vacation. Q. Where is “Beef Villa”? A. On the“Beef Riviera” of course. Beef seems less vulgar than meeting at the “Meat Riviera”. Thank you to Chris for sending this one to us.