Thursday, June 26, 2008

Roadside Anthro-America

Boiled peanuts are sometimes called “country caviar”, and I love them. Unfortunately this roadside stand at the end of Maggie Valley in North Carolina was out of business, but the sign remained behind. Catch it now if you are in the area as it is showing signs of disintegration.

You will find these coffee beans in front of the coffee shop “Legal Grounds” in Marion, North Carolina. The coffee shop is situated next to the court house, a very clever name. The bean sculpture features two beans actively working a sack of fresh beans. It is well sculpted perhaps commercially available. Probably not one of a kind.

Anthropomorphic Noah

Unlike Noah’s original ark, this ark becomes a floating salad bowl. But, with feet and eyes would a vegetarian be able to make a meal from this ark? A fabulous zoo of anthropomorphia for sure. Thank you cousin Paul in the Netherlands for this wonderful find.