Thursday, September 01, 2005

Peruvian Paella Home Cooked Here!

The Spanish influence of cuisine in Florida is prevalent throughout. Although Peruvian cuisine has many of is roots in the Spanish influences, it is not common among the Latino restaurants in the Tampa bay area, we only know of two. Much to our delight we now have "El Patio Latino Peruvian". Our recent meal there felt authentically home cooked with that extra ingredient of care. The chef carried our two rustic paella pans to the table himself and displayed them in grand gesture for our approval. Not much English is spoken by the owner and staff, making the experience even that much better. Our other local restaurant serving Peruvian food "The Selva Grille" favors a nouvelle hybrid mix of Peruvian foods a bit on the upscale side.

These photos feature the ceviche plate (top) and paella (below). Also with our meal came tamales stuffed with savory chicken, a heaping plate of thinly sliced sweet red onions with a light marinade, many many pitchers of sangria, then topped off with coconut flan and a complementary slice of birthday pie. As a note, call ahead if you want to order the paella, it's worth it.

El Patio Latino Peruvian
1100 N Tuttle Ave
Sarasota, FL 34237
(941) 955-5093

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