Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Flatbread from Vinschgau

This bread begins my investigation into the autumn season where spices begin to push summer flavors aside. Although I am sure many Germanic residents would gladly argue this bread is good year-round. The recipe is taken from the "New German Cookbook" by Jean Anderson and Hedy Würz. Please pay attention to the color bars next to the recipe as we have scanned directly from the book. I have enjoyed this cookbook as my sole source for many German dishes that make up a portion of my heredity. The text sidebar next to the recipe suggests this bread goes well with German cheese or ham. I happened to stop at our local German Food purveyor {Geier's Sausage Kitchen" on South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, Florida} where I purchased an elk salami which was sensational with this bread. When making this bread, I made the mistake of putting all the spice in the dough and none on top. The flavor remained well balanced but the loaves were not as pretty as they could have been. To read the text from the cookbook, click on the images to open them larger in a new window.

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