Thursday, September 01, 2005

Boulangerie gem of Nova Scotia: Cheticamp, Cape Breton

to the baker and his wife: or the wife and her husband? after having your pugliese loaf, my first baking after the vacation in nova scotia. pictured are two very odd shaped pugliese breads, and "little rye rounds from the valtellina." both based on carol field's book "the italian baker."the crumb of my bread was nothing like the wonderful loaf that you baked. what are some of the ways to achieve an authentic pugliese? (click the link above for theartisan for great italian bread recipes and also other cuisine from Italy).
a brief history of the grande boulangerie de l'est pugliese we purchased while in cheticamp:
1) ripped apart in auto one kilometer from the store
2) snuck into restaurant and dipped heartily into a white wine and mussel broth.
3) reappeared at the airport where it was dipped into a vegetable soup.
4) snacked on to sustain us during our standyby status in the airport (an entire day)
5) smuggled through customs
6) unpacked in our kitchen where the final pieces ended up in the toaster and consumed for breakfast in florida.
7) permanently stored in our memories.

it was a pleasure to have found you,

dieter and polly

(an email sent in appreciation of a good loaf)

taralli: another life saving snack food for travel in italy and elsewhere. we enjoyed these fennel flavored rings so much in italy, that we made them at home. these keep for days and weeks. we enclosed them as food for thought.

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