Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Latest Additions to the Anthropormorphic Library

My darling cousin Carolien, from Holland, sent me this quintessentially Dutch image from the municipality of Tiel, known for it metal and fruit industry. Flipje is the mascot of Tiel, I quote from the information sent to me, “When you think of Tiel you immediately think of the yearly fruit festival and the cartoon character Flipje which has been an advertising icon for young and old for over 65 years.” As an anthropomorphic character, Flipje appears to me as a person dressed in a grape costume, a parade outfit perhaps. I am not sure if it is a true anthropomorphic character. I have included it as a marginal example in the same category as the green giant.

This iconic candy was invented in 1962, a movie theatre standard that was sold in a little box. Take a virtual tour of the Lemon head factory.

A hand painted sitting hamburger character. I believe this sign was the marque for a motel that occupied the location where the bar now stands. Highway 301 in Oneco Florida

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