Friday, July 06, 2007

Destination Food: Bisbee Breakfast Club

The Bisbee Breakfast Club , in southern Arizona, is a place that will make you happy and full, glad that you're on the green side of the grass. This restaurant is a stand out, stylized much like a diner with a counter, no booths, plenty of tables and bustling atmosphere. The coffee is right and comes often. Your breakfast is in front of you before you have a chance to look the place over. Eyes bigger then your belly, some how that side of pancakes manages to disappear. I must also mention a professional and polite staff. If “Loren” should wait on you her smile will make you understand why the sky is blue, your day will be that much brighter.

The Bisbee Breakfast Club is located in the town of Lowell, well, about half of what's left of Lowell. Let me explain. At the western end of Bisbee is a mammoth size hole in the earth called the lavender pit, a defunct coper strip mine, operations shut down sometime in the seventies. Lowell is located a short drive around the pit, what you see is about half of main street, the rest has vanished into the lavender abyss. A goggle search of Lowell brought up two sights listing it as a ghost town.

Now that we have established the location and credentials of this culinary oasis, let me say that Bisbee’s rich heritage is being carefully looked after by a citizenry that is as liberal minded as it is creative. This is a town not to be missed if the old west appeals to you and your western size appetite.

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