Sunday, January 22, 2006

Food Erotica: It is Unavoidable

they really can't be seious... can they?

The image above comes from a book titled “Good Housekeeping Ten P.M. Cook Book: Refreshments Designed with Guests in mind.” The spread depicted here gives the host or hostess ideas about what to serve for a “Stag Party”. A party just for men, with overtones of misbehavior, according to Dieter. If you look closely you will see an arrangement of wieners thrusting upwards from a bath of baked beans. Other references to the thrusting wiener appear throughout the table landscape. Can you locate them? make sure to double click on the image to see it a little larger, you won't want to miss any details.

The can of “Parky” or Czech sausage was something we found in a remote village grocery store while visiting the Czech Republic. The softporn Rudolph Valentino meets a sausage was something I could not leave behind, so we carried a can of parky home for our food label collection. After two years it remains unopened. I think we are afraid of what's inside.

The food erotica we find to be the most amusing is that which is accidental. Like the "buckeyes" Dieter made for Christmas. We discussed the candies various anatomical associations and chuckled about it before taking them to a party. There, everyone who picked one up made the same comment before popping one in their mouth “they look well...a bit phalic.”

The funny ceral box link was sent to me by my friend Miranda. To see their whole line of wacky boxes visit “Main Street Sonoma”. Wouldn't it be alot more fun to go grocery shopping if you could put a box of “Cheery Ho's” or "Great Nuts" in your grocery cart? The usual voyeristic routine of looking to see what the person in front of you is putting on the conveyer belt could be much more revealing if you spied a box of “Fruity Loops” or “Kinx”.


Easily Pleased said...

wow! that Parky can is funny! you might appreciate this video that was on Conan the other night:

also, your bread looks amazing. I am terrified to bake bread. it's like bread-a-phobia. i need to get over it and try! i like your blog ;)

polly + dieter said...

ep, don't be afraid. the worst thing that could happen is you place a loaf or two in the trash. it has happened to me and dieter too and believe me it has to be really bad before anything goes in the trash around here. thank you for the compliment.

Rocky said...

The food erotica post was really funny. Bravo.

Theo said...

This is fantastic!