Friday, January 27, 2006


On Sunday Dieter made a yeast rise coffee cake that was nothing like I have ever seen or tasted before. This recipe came from the "Bread Bible" by Beth Hensperger. The recipe originated in Poland. For this recipe Dieter used "Saf Gold instant yeast" from the Bakers Catalogue, a type of yeast specifically designed for sweet breads.

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Easily Pleased said...

WOWIE! that is gorgeous.

Ivonne said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

I actually had to look away for a moment and then look back at the photo because it's so beautiful.

I love babka, and without having ever read one single word on your blog ... I can now tell you that I worship you!

I found your site through Easily Pleased ... and now I am very pleased.

Great blog! Beautiful photo and recipe!

I will be back ... often!

polly + dieter said...

thanks for the encouragement. i hope we have more photo ops from the oven. the babka was as tasty as it looked and even with giving half of it away, we still had more than we could eat. next time we will try to freeze some and see what happens.