Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Kids are Fed up!

We are proud Americans and believe this is a great nation that can do much good in the world, but we have seen an erosion in America's standing in the eyes of the world.This food label is our way of stating our dismay with the machinations of our current administration. The idea was founded in a radio talk show conversation between Jerry Springer and a caller. What I concluded from Jerry's response was that the political left and right can spout their views till eternity, but unless we stand together and recognize the waste of human, natural and political resources, the future of this great nation is in question. We at the Second Helping House try to imagine the reception we would have as a nation if the billions spent on a dubious war had been used instead on providing the world's underprivileged with a decent meal. For those of you new to the site, please check out our earlier posting from September titled "Citizen Food Bomb". Agree or disagree with our views, we encourage your response and welcome dialogue. Feel free to print a copy of this lable and apply it to a can for your own pantry. This political satire is copyrighted by The Second Helping House and not for commercial use.


Buzz said...

Howdy "Proud American"

Don't you think that as Patriots we should do and believe whatever we are told (despite the facts right there in front of us)? After all the President just like the Pope is basically a manifestation of God and should not be questioned. And by the way those meat heads sure look yummy?


The Ugly American

PS Love the site.

polly + dieter said...

we were soooo excited to get a comment on our "meatheads" we could hardly contain ourselves. we have a new edition to the "political pantry". please look again!! and please wrap a few cans for your local fund drive.

Ivonne said...

Polly and Dieter,

I support you 100%!