Saturday, January 17, 2009

Atomic Coffee

We were at a friend's last night and spotted a strange looking object on top of the fridge. It is an espresso maker called the “Atomic”. He bought this in New York in the 1986 and paid an entire $120.00. Now that was pricey then. He said he used to take it camping all the time. He is a lucky guy. After looking around the internet, I found this coffee pot is much sought after and loved throughout the world. An updated version is going to be released out of Australia called the “Otto”priced at $595.00. Another Italian version is available called “La Sorrentina” designed in the late 1940's. This one is available for $450.00. Versions made cira 1940 of the “Atomic” are selling for up to $800.00. We love this coffee maker.

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judithdoty said...

I have a vintage atomic that I wish to sell. Any takers? $450