Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Hot Dog Drinking Coffee and a Corny Driver

Hi Polly and Dieter,
I'm glad you responded so quickly to my comment! I saw this sign in a window of a butcher shop over the weekend, and took a photo thinking of your blog.

It appears to be a car windshield shade. It's advertising for "AgroSuper", a conglomerate here that sells pork (Super Cerdo), chicken (Super Pollo) and other foods. Nearly all their advertising has one or more of these characters. The chicken is wearing traditional Chilean dress. I have no idea why the hot dog has legs!!!


Anna graciously sent this photo to us from Chile, her home. Having a submission from a distant land is exciting for us and we encourage anyone who enjoys the family of anthropomorphic food characters to join us by sending sightings from wherever you are. For more information on "AgroSuper Pollo" click here. See the entire anthropomorphic food and kitchen gallery!

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D said...

I absolutely love this picture!!!