Sunday, December 31, 2006

Year End Anthropomorphic Roundup

“The Runaway Dinner” is a wonderful anthropomorphic food adventure. For anyone who enjoys illustrated children's books this one is a keeper.

The grape king is one of my favorites. I suspect the artist is familiar with the great Italian fruit portrait painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

This is one of Arcimboldo's more famous works "Vertumnus" 1590-1591, to see more of these works visit Olga's Gallery.

The years strangest find came from an antique mall. Probably circa 1950's it is a potato chip server illustratated with an anthropomorphic potato head wearing a ruffled potato chip skirt. The sticker on the back of the bowl indicates it was made in Japan.

Our friends Karma and Rob picked this up at the Superdawg consession at the Airport in Chicago. They paid one buck for the empty carton. Apparently a lot of empty boxes are sold as souveniers.

The Little Big Book of Comfort Food includes 200 recipes of home style cooking. It is a lovely book to own even if you don't cook as it contains an abundance of vintage images gleaned from turn of the century illustrations. Many of them from children's books. The following five images are from this book.

We could not resist buying this updated version of Mr. Potato Head. It is still fun to arrange the parts, although we miss sticking the accessories into a real spud. I suppose this new version will save many a little one from choking on the smaller parts that came with the original set. As you can see it is fun to create your own anthropomorphic character.

To view the complete anthropomorphic food and kitchen gallery click here.


Anonymous said...

We have been working our way throug boxes of items from our arents tavern in Chicago and came across the potato chip bowls you have shown on your site. They are in excellent condition. Can you tell us where we would find out more about this item? Thanks

polly + dieter said...

we found the potato chip bowl while browsing the local antique stores. we thought it was something unusual for sure, but we have no idea what to say about it. we noticed ours says "made in japan on the back" but other than that we don't have any information. sorry. did you check on ebay? anyway thank you for visiting the second helping house blog. good luck on your search.let us know if you do find anything out about it.