Thursday, November 30, 2006

How to Identify a Real Chicken

The latest addition to the “Anthropomorphic Kitchen Gallery”.

We know what a chicken looks like after seeing them in barnyards and picture books. If you're anything like us then you've eaten enough chicken to sprout your own feathers. We are ashamed to admit it, yes, we have eaten the mutant “ McNugget”...thing (but is it chicken?). Snapping open the box, with little hesitation, we dipped the salty chicken like morsels into the sweet honey mustard sauce then into our gullets. Who knew that under the crispy exterior lurked a bland, goofy face. The child looks nothing like the parent, albeit the chicken is reported to be a stupid creature. So are we what we eat? Mr. President, have you been indulging in “Chicken McNuggets”.... the close set eyes might suggest so. “McNuggets”, we fear are a clear and present danger to the health and security of our nation. View this picture carefully, every “McNugget” served peers at you from behind its greasy, crispy disguise. You must recognise, when your willpower is overtaken by the ugly force unseen, you’ll be enticed to eat the entire box. Just remember, before you succumb to the tasty grease, salt combination, a real chicken has an eye on each side of its heads.
Thank you Amanda, for the photo

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