Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Dream of Eating Less Cake

The sign for the bakery in the North Beach area
These are really cakes! Unfortunately the bakery was not open when we were there.

What can I say, we loved vacationing in San Francisco so much we can't stop posting about what we saw there. I was delighted when we walked past this window in the North Beach area. At first I thought these were accessories, but when I looked closer I realised they were far from it. How creative, what a skill to be able to make something like this. Whenever I frost a simple layer cake it always turns out looking like an “ugly cake” (see the photos of an ugly cake from the post below) without me even trying to make an ugly cake. I have been looking around the house and thinking about what kind of object I could construct into a cake and decided it would be a replica of my bathroom scale. I like the idea for a couple of reasons first it is a relatively flat and simple shape good for beginners to craft. The numbers are digital and could be easily piped onto the cake and I would hope after slicing a piece of “thinner sport scale” cake, I would think twice about eating it.

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Duane said...

Those cakes are amazing! They look so good I wouldn't want to eat them.