Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Second Helping House Guests

Our friends and neighbors Ray and Terrie are on a lifetime adventure. They along with the “girls” Sophia and Hannah (nice dogs) drove from Florida to Oregon pulling their 1965 vintage air stream trailer where they are living as campground hosts in Oregon for the summer. We were curious about what they were eating and asked them to send us a guest entry for the blog on campfire cooking. When I saw what they were making I thought back to my days camping as a girl scout and making campfire stew out of cans of campbell vegetable soup and hamburger a far cry from planked Alaskan wild cod fillet.

Morning from Oregon,
Here are some photos and text for you...see if you are interested for your blog...we decided not to start with the dungeness crab Ray had at Lighthouse because that was a crab patty...even though a fresh made one...we will comment when we have some unadulterated crabmeat...hope all is well with you guys...was 39 degrees when I got up this morning...I see it is going to be 88 today for you guys...we are enjoying the very different we are going to a festival at the Thyme Garden Herb Company up the and May wine and herb dishes...hopefully, there will be interesting photos and food/drink news to pass on to you...I don't know how to do attachments to I am copying these photos to this e-mail...let me know how they come out...We are surrounded by Alder trees here at our Oregon camp.....Ray split a piece of the Alder wood to make a plank for grilling...this is Alaskan Wild Cod fillet sprinkled with lemon pepper and topped with fresh lemon slices and red pepper...spring onions on the side...and on the right is a boneless pork chop about 2 inches was marinated in raspberry and roasted chipotle sauce and pressed garlic...both cooked close to an hour...slowly over a campfire...both were excellent...

We threw washed and wrapped in foil yams on the fire and cooked them until soft...add butter when cooked and served...The wine is a cabernet...the steamed green cabbage and sweet onion is a left over half a head of cabbage steamed on my electric hotplate topped with butter or sweet chile sauce when serving...the left side dish is a...

fantastic stewed white corn
these ears of corn here...I don't know where they were grown but they were the largest ears of white corn I have ever seen...
4 ears for a dinner for 2
  • shuck, wash and grate the corn into your skillet
  • add over low heat 1/2 to 3/4 cup of milk
  • 2 TBS of butter...
  • salt and pepper to taste...
    cook slowly for about 20 to 30 minutes...frequently stirring...this is a wonderful way to use fresh corn...there is nothing to compare with cooking outside here in Oregon in the crisp air over a fragrant open fire of wood spilt by your husband...with the dog children running and playing around while you was good...Love from, Your Oregon Campground Hosts, Terrie and Ray

    If you want to read more about the idyllic life of camp hosting in a breathtaking landscape check out Ray and Terrie's blog at land yacht safari.
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