Friday, April 14, 2006

Easter Wishes

in 2003 we heard about these controversial easter baskets that were being pulled off the shelves of stores in Florida. Of course I ran immediately to the local Wall Mart which I rarely set foot in. Here I found rows of Easter baskets whose chocolate bunnies and peeps had been taken over by buff super action soldiers complete with automatic weapons and explosives. Protests were happening around the nation against the ideas of war and religion being tossed together in a cute little baskets of m&m’s and skittles. A woman in new york “miss bunny” who dressed in a bunny outfit and held a sign reading “there’s someone in my Easter basket... and its GI Joe was arrested by police. After a bit of public outcry these baskets were taken off the shelves of big chain stores. Protesting in this case resulted in the action of big corporations to comply with the wishes of their customers. We wish the soldiers could be pulled from iraq as quickly as these baskets were taken off the shelves of big chain stores like Wall mart and K-mart.
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